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B Robotics W designs and manufacturers oil and gas drilling rigs, as well as reconditions and services rigs worldwide.
The company, located southeast of Piacenza, Italy, (60 km from Milano) was founded in 1992 by Walter Bagassi, whose family has been in oil drilling for three generations.
After earning a degree in aeronautical engineering, Mr. Bagassi worked as a logging engineer at Gearhart-Owen for 16 years, traveling extensively and contributing to the development of the Gearhart MWD system in 1979.
Mr. Bagassi returned to Italy in 1986 to work as a rig designer and commercial director for a rig manufacturer. Six years later he founded his own company.

B Robotics W has a field-based understanding and appreciation of drilling equipment, having constructed and reconditioned rigs for more than two decades. Its engineers take pride in their design of equipment to ensure the highest level of safety, performance, durability, and an appreciation of long distances that often exist between drilling fields and technical support.


They say about us...

...These innovations reduce idle times, and increase profitability for all the entities involved in the oil extraction.

Valerio Germanico, Dossier Emilia-Romagna, April 2012