The Genesis Rig operates faster and more efficiently than a traditional rig.


Due to automation, the Rig can execute repetitive actions (tubular handling, string pull out and running, etc.) faster than a crew on a traditional rig.

Top Drive Speed

The Rig is capable of tripping more than twice the speed of a conventional rig.

Rig Move In & Out

The Rig’s move in and out time is 30-40% faster than a conventional rig, due to fewer components, engineering design, and less weight.

Low Maintenance & Dependability

The Genesis Rig’s low maintenance and high dependability mean it will operate without interruption and complete drilling projects faster than a conventional rig.

All Weather

The Rig does not have to stop operations due to severe hot and cold climates and thus can complete projects in less time than conventional rigs.

Casing Drilling

The Rig is advantageous for casing drilling or conductor pipe drilling by using its pull down system to set weight on the bit and its patented Drift Connector.